Although we do not impose any minimum requirement, experience and familiarity with the following may be helpful.

Theoretical understanding of:  

  • $L^{p}$ regularisation, generalised linear models, decision trees, gradient boosting, clustering
  • SARIMA$(P,D,Q)\times(p,d,q)_{s}$ and ARMA-GARCH models, image classification and generation, feed-forward CNNs
  • Bayesian inference
  • Stochastic gradient descent and its variants, Newton Ralphson, Laplace approximation, Markov chain Monte Carlo, EM Algorithm

Programming experience:

  • Implementing the above concepts
  • Data visualisation: D3.js, tableau, ggplot2, matplotlib
  • OOP
  • TensorFlow/Caffe/PyTorch
  • Structured or non-structured query languages
  • Data imputation and cleansing
  • cloud computing, version control

Any language. The emphasis is on implementation and results. We suggest the following:

  • Python 2 or 3
  • R
  • C++

We will provide adequate equipment, refreshments and support for the whole duration of the hackathon.

Our support hotlines are:


For example:

  • Socket boards
  • Swags and sourvenirs
  • Linux virtual machines with GPU
  • Tutorials and baselines
  • Internet access at Imperial
  • Our research engineers and company representatives will be available for technical support and advisory
  • Refreshments and meals during the hackathon

Probably! Please call or email us about it ASAP.

Baselines will be provided. Do not worry about databases unless stated in the challenges. Libraries needed will be stated.

We strive to provide adequate support to ensure you are at your tip top condition throughout these 24 hours.


Yes – you will be assigned to a group.

The Huxley Building is situated in the beautiful neighborhoods of South Kensington in London. The address is:

180 Queens’ Gate (Huxley Building)
South Kensington, London

There are many ways to get here:
Tube: The nearest tube stops are Gloucester Road (Circle, Picadilly, District Lines) and South Kensington (Circle, Picadilly, District Lines). Then it takes around 10 minutes to walk to the Huxley building. You can also take the Central line to Queensway and take a 20-minute walk through Hyde Park.


Boris Bikes:

Car: There is no good and cheap places to park your cars unfortunately.

If you had any questions that we were unable to answer, please send us an email at: icdss@imperial.ac.uk

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